Hello world!

About eighteen months ago, my twitter friend @scarletsletter tweeted something along the lines of “if you don’t have a blog, get one!  the world needs what you have to offer!”  (I wish I could find the original, but I can’t.)  And it stuck with me.  And watching Sensuous Wife build her site also made me think about writing.  But do you want to know why I didn’t start one?

I didn’t think there was anyone who would want to read it.

Not that I thought no one would want to read any given post.  I’m a decent writer, after all, and the numbers are in my favor.  But if I’m going to write honestly then there’s going to be posts about God and posts about science and posts about sex and cooking and baby poop.  (Okay, a year ago there wouldn’t have been baby poop.  But now there is.)  And I couldn’t imagine that people out there would actually read all of that and like it.  Honestly, I still can’t.

But that’s no reason not to write.  So here goes.

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