I think Beauty may have some mild SPD (sensory processing disorder.)  It’s hardly surprising, given that half my family has it to some extent.  It’s little things: she freaks out if her eyes are covered, she hates mouthing things (except fingers, tables, and orange slices) and she doesn’t like sudden shifts and movements.  She also freaks out if I’m not the one holding her, and that seems to be getting worse, not better.  She prefers that people keep their distance.

Mom suggested I start leaving her with someone (my mom, or Hero’s mom, or any number of other people who would be happy to oblige) for about 20 minutes each day, so she gets desensitized.  I suspect that’s the way to go, since I’ve been considering something similar.  She’s not quite six months old, which is really too early for this sort of clingyness.

I’m worried that I’m overreacting, but I guess that’s fairly normal.  And nothing I’m considering will do any harm if I’m wrong.  I’m just worried that I’m falling into the old trap: when all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

vast quantities of cute

Beauty in her bumbo seat

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2 Responses to Thumbtacks

  1. I would guess that since every small child is brand new at learning how to process the sensory info they’re getting, it’s not just that interventions designed for a small child with SPD won’t hurt a neurotypical child, but will actually help even neurotypical kids.

    But, uh, take that with a salt shaker, considering my lack of experience with the itsy bitsy.

  2. you have a point there :) As it happens she just started putting things in her mouth, which was the thing that was bothering me the most (because it’s a key part of development, so it could have created other problems) so I don’t think I’ll worry about it quite yet.

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