There’s a baby on me :)  Beauty and I lie cuddled under the covers, skin to skin.  She’s eaten her fill, and now lies on my stomach, tucking her face against my skin.  After a while she gets adventurous and her little hands explore my face, tug on my hair, sweep across the sheets.  She’s teething, and she munches her gums against my wrist.  She pauses to burp slightly, and gets distracted by the feel and sound of the pillow under her fingers.  She rises up for a better look, the developing muscles in her neck and back working together to lift her perfectly shaped head.  She stares at the pillow, noticing how the fabric interacts with her fingers.  She turns her head further and sees me, and her dark blue eyes light up and her mouth opens in a huge happy smile.

I smile back.  Remember today, little one, for today is a good day.

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