Hero is soldering new circuits for his Arduino kit.  I’m not entirely clear on what he’s making, but one of them is a bunch of LED lights, and one of them is a variable-resistance strip that will probably become a basic theramin.  A really tiny theramin, given that it’s only a couple inches long.  At any rate, I’m glad he’s enjoying himself.

I took a couple of circuit theory courses in college, and I only survived once I realized that electricity and flowing water follow the same rules, more or less.  After that it was interesting, translating the serial and parallel circuits into mental arrays of pipes or rivers, adding waterfalls for power sources and lakes for ground, and so on.  I never bothered using dams and waterwheels (for capacitors and resistors, respectively) but I’m pretty sure I could have.  The math works out nicely.

I like that flowing water and flowing electrons follow the same rules.  It’s a reminder that the God who established the rules for one made the rules for the other – that He is a God of order.  He is the same yesterday and today and forever, and the same rules are true for water and oil and electricity.

It’s true of people too: whatever our background and heritage, certain things are good for us and certain things are bad for us.  God set us up to fit into His order.  (Of course, there are also plenty of things that vary from person to person, but that’s where chaos theory comes in.)  He made us to do justly and to love mercy and to walk with Him, and the changes in our culture and environment cannot change that.  Yesterday, today, and forever, He remains the same.

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