Bananas in Pajamas

(I have no idea who or what Bananas in Pajamas actually were, but they had an awfully silly commercial on TV when I was in high school.  We made up alternate lyrics to the jingle – the only bit I can remember was a line about eating teddy bears.  This post is about a banana, but not that banana.)

We’ve started solids with Beauty this week.  Rather than the typical procession of various purees, we’re doing Baby-Led Weaning.  Actually, Baby-Led Solids would be a much better name, since it’s about the introduction of solids and not the ending of breastmilk.

Baby-Led Solids is quite simple: instead of taking healthy foods and mushing them up, we’ve waited for certain developmental milestones and now we’re handing her soft finger foods and letting her feed herself.  At this point she plays more than she eats, but most of her nutrition is from milk anyway so it hardly matters.

Interestingly enough, my mom did essentially the same thing with the majority of my siblings – she says she read about it in Mothering magazine.  I’ve been unable to track down that reference, but it does give me confidence.

Anyway, here is her first truly self-fed food: a banana.

nom nom nom

still working on this hand-to-mouth thing

this is fun!

maybe it'll be easier without my hands


As you can tell, it was a LOT of fun.  She got very messy.  I think my favorite part was how surprised she looked whenever she swallowed!  She’s still working on getting the banana to her mouth (and pointed the right way!) but having the peel as a handle really helped.  In a few weeks she’ll be much better at it, and ideally we’ll all be able to eat dinner together.

There’s not a ton of information about Baby-Led Solids on the internet, but is a good place to start.

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