Siri, Iris, Bo

Do you lot mind if I talk about sex toys?  If you do, I suggest you skip this post.

I’m mostly excited because Lelo came out with a new toy, which they call Siri (links are nudity-free).  From what I’ve read, it’s everything we expect from Lelo – sleek curves, body-safe materials, great design.  Especially great design.

Lelo also has Elise and Iris, which both have a dual-motor setup: one motor in the handle, one in the tip.  A microprocessor controls them independently, managing the vibration interaction to create all sorts of cool vibrational patterns.  It’s a sophisticated and elegant design that delivers quite a punch without draining batteries or making a racket.  It also means that the vibrations can be weaker in the handle, so the user’s hand doesn’t go numb.

It’s really a shame that great design like Lelo toys are the exception to the rule.  Even Fun Factory uses hard plastics instead of medical-grade silicone.  (Lelo toys can be sterilized.  Fun Factory toys can’t.)  Don’t even get me started on the junk put out by Doc Johnson and California Exotics.

That’s not to say there are no good toy companies, of course.  Jimmyjane also makes great toys, from what I hear, though they seem overly invested in their Little Somethings series.  Which is a pity, since I can’t imagine that the Little Somethings shape is even that effective, though the materials are excellent.  Tantus, on the other hand, has beautiful designs, some of them as innovative (in their way) as the Lelo line.  And there are others.  But if you go to a toy store (online or IRL) the cheap toys are usually the ones they push.

And that seems a shame.  We put a lot of time, effort and money into supporting marriage, so shouldn’t some of that go towards a great sex life as well?

For that matter, shouldn’t we support great design wherever we find it?

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One Response to Siri, Iris, Bo

  1. Amber says:

    Great post, girl! I agree with you on the sex toy vs. quality. Lelo is stunning, I recently got the Siri, it is the most powerful Lelo toy thats for sure, but I’ve yet to “review” it. So hopefully when I get the chance to actually use it (been too busy lately) it won’t disappoint. Still waiting on a fully waterproof Lelo vibe though! ;)

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