Warning: sexy stuff in this post.  If you don’t want to read it, don’t read it.

Hero and I got a chance to take a shower together last night.  It was Nice, with a capital N and a happy sigh in the middle.  Very, very nice.

We used to shower together all the time (I’m pretty sure it saves both time and water) but having a baby makes that a little difficult.  But she skipped her evening nap and fell asleep quickly at bedtime, and we took advantage of the break.

It’s wonderful what a shower will do.  I’ve always found hugs and cuddling relaxing (when we were engaged Hero would visit me at college, and my housemates always commented on how relaxed I was – well, “loopy” and “high” were their terms :) and the hugs and the hot water and moving back into our old pattern of who gets the water when…..well, it was bliss.  The traditional soapings-up didn’t hurt either!

When we got out we had to brush our teeth, feed the baby one last time, and go to bed.  But it was awful nice to remind ourselves how well we fit together.  What a wonderful way to heal each other and relax from the stresses of the week.

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