Baby-Led Update

A week ago I mentioned we’ve started Baby-Led Solids with Beauty, and it’s going extraordinarily well.  She’s figuring out how to get food into her tummy as well as all over her face and arms, and a few drier foods she can even eat fairly neatly.  It’s so nice to know that she can handle real food – at the bible study this morning I could just hand her a piece of pita bread from the snacks provided, and she munched happily for quite some time.  She loves applesauce and blueberries and pita bread and cooked carrot sticks and rice cakes (rice cakes are my secret weapon for getting her to calm down during social visits) and she’s willing to try just about anything.  She’s not certain what she thinks of ricotta cheese.  She’s learning to chew properly, which means she occasionally tries to swallow something too large, but she coughs it back and tries again.  I love watching her eat, as she’s increasingly determined to figure it out and feed herself.

sucking on a carrot stick

eating applesauce (she takes the loaded spoon from me)

relaxing with Nana (Hero's grandmother)

On the downside, I just changed her diaper, and when I commented on the contents she was all, wait, I’ve done all this work to eat things and now you tell me I’m supposed to DIGEST them too?  Good grief Mom.

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