A snack

I occasionally find myself with a container of dulce de leche on my hands and nothing to do with it.  (Admittedly, most people I know would not really regard this as a problem.)  The standard uses don’t really cut it.  Mixing it into brownies or other desserts might work if I felt like finding or inventing a decent recipe, but the result would probably be too cloyingly sweet, and anyway who really needs more desserts lying around?  Spreading it on toast or English muffins is deeply unsatisfactory: toast gets spread with jam, and English muffins get spread with butter and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar, and that’s just the way it is.  (Sorry, but I don’t appreciate people tampering with my comfort food.)

After Beauty was born a friend of mine brought over a large package of mozzarella cheese and a tin of guava paste, which we sliced and ate as the Brazilian treat romeo and juliet.  It was a lovely snack, and I ate it by the plateful.  She also brought a tub of dulce de leche (which I think is incorporated into romeo and juliet in some incarnations) and the memory got me thinking.

So here I sit, eating sticks of cheddar cheese dipped into dulce de leche.  It’s a surprisingly nice combination – the salty sharpness against the smooth sweetness.  It even has some decent nutrition, though probably not enough to compensate most people for the calories involved.  (I’m going to miss breastfeeding!)  And it is yummy and makes me happy.

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