Rain Walk

I love rain.  I just do.  I point out sunshowers to Hero (and usually demand a kiss for luck), I like to feel drizzle against my face, I take walks in all but the heaviest rain.  I really wish I had a covered porch, but I don’t, so whenever there’s a heavy rainstorm I want to go over to my parents’ house to make a pot of tea and sit on the porch and watch the rain.

I haven’t really gotten to share the rain with Beauty much.  When she was littler she didn’t like having rain fall on her, so if we went for a walk it was with an umbrella.  Not a problem, but not the same as a real rain walk.  And for heavy rain – well, let’s just say our next house will have a porch.

But yesterday I woke up to a perfect rain.  The day was beautifully cool, and the rain was steady and gentle and unlikely to suddenly soak us.  I was so excited that I didn’t even eat breakfast before wrapping Beauty up (in the Neobulle, my “comfort wrap”) and heading out.

It was wonderful.  Walking around the neighborhood, staring at the richer colors of a rainy day, cuddling together.  We got deliciously wet.  This, Beauty, is a real rain walk.

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