Why do they sell scented baby wipes?  No one I know buys them on the grounds that added fragrances probably aren’t good for babies.  Clearly someone is buying them, but who?

For that matter, why are douches still on the market?  I’ve been told they aren’t good for you for as long as I can remember, which means they’ve been frowned on for at least a decade, and yet someone is still buying them.  Not to mention scented pads and pantyliners.

Also, does anyone actually eat Rice Chex?

That’s all, really.  These things puzzle me.

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1 Response to Mystified

  1. cosetthetable says:

    I eat Rice Chex. I mean, I only eat chex in home made chex mix or Muddy Buddies (yuuuuum), but I usually get a mix of chex for chex mix if possible, and whatever’s there otherwise. The last time I went to the supermarket with chex in mind, the only less expensive store brand version was rice. Which was perfectly fine for muddy buddies.

    On your other questions, NO IDEA. They sell scented TAMPONS. The very thought makes my legs not just go tightly together, not just crossed, but ENTWINED.


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