I am terrible at schedules.  Terrible.  Even when we were dating, I had no idea what we were doing that weekend – you had to ask Hero if I was free.  (This did not stop me from occasionally having a very set idea of what order an evening was going to take, but usually that only happens enough for me to get upset when it went wrong because I hadn’t planned it carefully enough.  Or hadn’t told anyone.  Because they could read my mind, obviously.)

But in general, schedules don’t happen.  I’m proud of myself if I have meals planned a day or two ahead.  The problem, of course, is that small children generally do better with a schedule.

So it is with great pride that I present: Beauty’s schedule.

  • Wake up at nine-o’clock-ish.  Kind of as late as I can get her to sleep, really.  Stay awake for one hour.  Nurse, change diaper, get dressed, go for a walk if it’s cool enough.  Go down at ten.  Ish.
  • First nap lasts anywhere from half an hour to two hours.
  • Wake up, stay awake for 1.5 hours.  Run a quick errand (there is no such thing as a quick errand) play with toys, sing together, rip magazines to shreds
  • Go down for second nap.  First nap plus second nap usually total two hours; you do the math.  Unless the first nap was a full 2 hours, in which case second nap will be half an hour.
  • Wake up at roughly 2.  Those adding things up will notice that it does not add up, which is mostly because of the ten to fifteen minutes it takes her to fall asleep.  Call it 2.
  • Stay awake for two. whole. hours.  What do you do with a baby for two whole hours?  I try to get things done so that she can watch me do them – errands work well.  Or I put her in her Bumbo seat on the counter and work on dinner, if I have all the ingredients and know what dinner is.  When she gets bored with just watching, I start feeding her bits of things.  She also likes watching me do the dishes.
  • Third nap usually runs 4-4:30 or a little later.  Hero calls to say he is coming home.
  • If I nurse her before she wakes up all the way she dozes off and we can cuddle on the bed (she nurses, I read the interwebs) until Hero gets home and takes her.  Win!  Or sometimes that doesn’t happen and we find things to play with.
  • Hero’s home!!  Play with Daddy to give Mommy a break and/or a chance to make dinner.  Sit on the bed between Mommy and Daddy while they eat dinner and watch a show.  Demand that Mommy hold her the entire time or at least nurse at inconvenient moments.  Eat bits of dinner while the show finishes.
  • Evenings are totally up in the air.  Sometimes there’s another nap.  Sometimes there isn’t.  Sometimes we fuss and fuss and fuss.  Sometimes we don’t.  I guess she’s gotta keep us guessing.
  • Ten is time for Whisper Pants.  Daddy changes the diaper and puts on the Whisper Pants while singing the Whisper Pants Song and the baby does the Whisper Pants Dance.  Mommy is not allowed to watch.  Or laugh.
  • Back to the bedroom for the Sleepsack and the nursing and Goonight Moon (which she adores) and the prayers and the vitamins and more nursing because we forgot to give them earlier.  Fuss fuss fussing and maybe more nursing and Daddy drumming on her and SLEEP.  At eleven.

Why am I telling you this?  Because I am pleased it exists, that’s why.  The times tend to shift a good bit, of course, and on Wednesdays and weekends the various activities tend to throw it off, but there is some sort of STRUCTURE and that is a good thing, or so I am told.

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2 Responses to Schedule

  1. Alise says:

    Ha! I wasn’t much for schedules, and that looks similar to how mine was with my kids, though I didn’t care much about naps and cared DEEPLY about bedtime. As an early-to-bed kinda’ lady, I wanted them out of my hair EARLY, so I never really worried much about naps. They were probably at 2 naps by Beauty’s age, and at 1 nap by the time they were one. And probably no naps by 18 months-1year. But bedtime was 7pm, baby. Now that they want to stay up late, I have to get my alone time in the afternoon. Which works pretty well, since they’re all in school now.

    • I am *not* an early-to-bed girl, so eleven suits me perfectly. I keep expecting her to drop naps, but she really hasn’t.

      On the other hand, this very morning she decide to prove me wrong by waking up at 4:30 am and taking a series of 2 hour or longer naps throughout the day. Crazy baby. (What did I do at 4:30? I scooped her up and we watched Jon Stewart together. 4:30 am is way too early to find something intelligent to do.)

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