Sick Day

Hero is home today.  He’s home because he’s not feeling well, which is sad.  But in some ways it’s nice, because it gives us time to chill as a family.

So we’re lying in bed.  Hero’s asleep, Beauty is supposed to be sleeping and is actually talking to the ceiling light and playing with her toes.   We watched part of Rush Hour 2 but the rest will wait.  (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen Rush Hour 3 but not the first two.  Go figure.)

We spent quite a while – twenty minutes, maybe – all cuddled up together.  Hero and I scooted down so the baby could reach both our faces, and she smiled and gurgled and grabbed our noses and cheeks and kicked her legs and gummed on my chin.  (Hero has a beard, so she doesn’t try to put his chin in her mouth.  On the other hand, he has chest hair for pulling.)  And we smiled back and told her how pretty and cute she was and talked about the weekend and the football game that’s happening tonight and whether the “massage parlor” in the movie was supposed to be a brothel.  Because it looked like a brothel, until you got in the back room and it was more like a spa, to make it easier to have a Plot.

And then Beauty grabbed the corner of my pillow and pulled it over her face, so that she gasped and kicked for a minute and then grinned hugely when she pulled it off again and discovered that the world was indeed still there.  Then she pushed the corner of the pillow high into the air and I joined her under it, much to her delight, and we gave her kisses.

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