I was cranky this past week.  Not for any particularly good reason, mind; life was actually going pretty well.  Just cranky.

But I’m happy to report that I’m a lot better now.  I got to sleep in two mornings in a row (I always underestimate how much it affects me when Hero isn’t feeling well; he was a little under the weather last weekend and the energy drain really did a number on my mind, even though he didn’t need that much extra care.)  The weather is GORGEOUS (thanks to Hurricane Earl, actually) and I got to take a walk BY MYSELF….do you know how wonderful a walk in good weather is?  I usually walk with the baby, of course, and that’s not bad but it’s not the same.  And I watched The Holiday and it made me happy.  I really like that movie.

And life is good.  I made chili earlier this week and it came out spicier than I wanted but it’s really kinda nice that way.  My sister left for a semester in Spain this weekend, and we went over to hang out for a bit and it went super-well.  Beauty let all sorts of people hold her, and she smiled and smiled at everyone, and we sat on the porch in the aforementioned GORGEOUS weather.

Oh!  And Beauty sat on her Grandpa’s lap!  She’s been unwilling to let either of her grandfathers hold her, much to their dismay, and it’s just. so. nice. to be able to hand her over and see her sit and be content.

I was cranky.  But life is better.  I like it when life is better.

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