Getting somewhere

This eating solids thing is really starting to be fun!!  Over the last week Beauty suddenly figured out a lot of how to pick up pieces and position them properly, and it is so. much. fun!  Now that pieces tend to get into her mouth rather than being lost in her palm or broken off I can let her play with them and eat my own meal.  I still give her some help, of course, but we’re really enjoying it.

The other night we went out to the Outback Steakhouse with some friends.  Beauty sat between Hero and I in her booster seat and ate and/or played with everything we handed her, including bread, rice cakes (I had those in the diaper bag), cucumber slices, half a cherry tomato, bits of my sweet potato, and a strip of my steak.  We didn’t have to pack or plan anything, we just gave her things from our plates.  And she didn’t need our attention the whole time either; we could eat our dinners and talk with our friends.  She was happy for nearly an hour.

On Sunday we went out to enjoy the weather and spend time as a Fambily.  We ran a few errands, wandered around Borders for a while, and ended up getting fries and milkshakes at Elevation Burger.  Their fries are made with olive oil, so we ordered them with no salt and let Beauty try her first french fry! (apologies for the bad picture – we forgot the camera and used a cellphone)

It was just wonderful.  The sun was shining, the day was warm but not hot and the breeze was perfect.  We were happy to be relaxing and together and enjoying the food and each other.  The baby was happy that we were so happy, and she grinned at us and we grinned at her and it was perfect.

And last night we had gnocchi with tomato sauce for dinner, and it was so nice to sit together and eat without worrying that she would start to fuss.  We had to help her with the gnocchi but for much of the meal she happily munched on a piece of rice cake liberally smeared with sauce.  And of course, it got all over her :)

I’m so glad we decided to try baby-led solids.  There’s no way spooning things out of jars would be this much fun.

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