Erev Sukkot

Happy Sukkot everyone!  We should have a sukkah, but we don’t.  We were going to get PVC tubing for the frame, but they didn’t have the right doohickey for assembling said frame, so we assembled the (badly rusted) frame of our canopy thing instead.  Then I went to use duct tape and plastic tablecloths for the sides (the plan was to buy the PVC this year and tarps next year) and it didn’t work, mostly because duct tape doesn’t stick to plastic.  I always forget that.  I think they should sell Duct Tape, Plastic Edition for those of us who forget these things.  Sigh.

(Explanation for non-Jewish readers: Sukkot, also called the Festival of Booths, is the Jewish harvest festival.  We build little structures on our lawns, with leafy branches instead of a roof, and we eat in them for a week.  It’s a wonderful time and one of my very favorite holidays.)

So we don’t have a sukkah, and it was raining this evening so we couldn’t eat outside in my in-laws’ sukkah either.  But we did have fun anyway, and Beauty ate half a bagel with pasta sauce smeared on it.

(Speaking of whom, Beauty is supposed to be going to sleep at the moment.  She is exhausted and should have gone down easily.  But no, she is sitting up in her crib singing to her vibrating strawberry and grinning at me if I look over.  It’s too cute to be frustrating.)

The service, however, was wonderful.  The opening worship was fairly normal, and they chose to show a couple of funny YouTube videos in the middle, which always feels odd. But THEN, they called up the people to shake the lulav and etrog (the lulav is a bunch of branches in a holder, the etrog is a citrus fruit.  we shake them.  don’t ask why, just nod and smile.) and they decided to go a little crazy and hand out palm branches to everyone.

This isn’t something we normally do, and it was wonderful.  There was a real spirit of joy in that place, and we sang together and danced with them and shouted for joy and marched the Torah around and everyone joined in the procession until we were circling empty chairs.  Beauty stared through it all, grabbing at the branches whenever she could.  It was alive.

I was tired and headachey when we went over, and I’m tired and headachey now.  But there was joy tonight.

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