You know what bugs me?  Dave Ramsey’s insistence that credit cards cannot ever be used wisely.  He says that “responsible use of a credit card does not exist.” (from here, and I’ve seen the idea repeated elsewhere.)

Don’t get me wrong, I like Dave Ramsey.  His programs have done a lot of good for a lot of people, and most of the behaviors he encourages are sensible ones.  Even skipping the credit card is a good idea for a lot of people, because it’s true that it is easy to get stuck in credit card debt.  (And it’s probably true that anyone who really needs his program also needs to stop using credit cards.  I wouldn’t mind if he made emphatic statements and included qualifiers later on, but he never does.)

But we use credit cards almost exclusively.  (Hero looks forward to the day when money will be entirely digital and we can stop carrying cash, though I suspect that’s further away than he likes to think.)  And we pay the bill on time, every month.  Sometimes more than once a month.  And we don’t spend more than we should, and we use the points to get gift cards to Borders and Home Depot and Amazon and those gift cards buy a lot of our indulgences.

There’s no reason Dave Ramsey’s position should bother me.  We’re not taking his class or anything, though Hero did flip through one of his books recently in case it had any ideas we had missed.  (It mostly didn’t, though we realized we could probably be paying off our mortgage a bit more aggressively than we already are.  So we’ll adjust slightly to do that.)  I’ve just seen several references to his program and his credit card thing recently and it just plain bugs me that someone so well respected is saying something so emphatically that just isn’t true.

Alright, I’ll get off my soapbox now :)  Peace out.

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