Apparently I have a very strong-minded baby.

I knew this, actually – Beauty gets very indignant about various activities, mostly involving people who are Not Parents.  But it’s currently making CBS very stressful.

CBS, for those not in the know, stands for Community Bible Study and is an international interdenominational intereverything organization that creates local bible study groups.  They’re actually very well designed; the organization provides excellent workbooks and study materials, and each person answers the questions in the workbook during the week and then we meet for discussion and fellowship and a lecture.  I really respect whoever writes the provided materials, as they do an excellent job.

And since any daytime event for women means that some of those women have kids, the program includes babysitting and a children’s program.  Which means that Beauty gets left with people who are Not Parents.

(Dun dun duuuuunnnnnnn…….)

Actually, it’s quite splendid.  The babysitters are excellent and it’s very good for me to have some time talking to other adults.  But Beauty does not approve.  So I drop her off, and she screams.  And I can still hear her when I go back to the fellowship hall.  And all the rest of the day, I tense up whenever I hear a baby fussing, even if it’s not mine.

But it’s getting better each week.  This time she only spent about half the time crying, by what I hear.  Nancy (one of the leaders) has practically adopted her, and they take walks around the building and in the yard and look at things together, which is just perfect for Beauty, who likes having interesting things to look at.  She’ll also consent to being held by people who have food for her, so I bring snacks and she eats them all up and is quite pleased with that part.

But really, life will be much easier when she decides other people exist.

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