I am feeling icky today.  Mostly because I have a cold.  Or possibly allergies, I took Claritin last night and it went from a drippy nose to congestion and coughing.   So….both?  Or I just took the Claritin when the symptoms were about to change anyway?  I’m inclined towards the latter theory: I used to have seasonal allergies that kicked in around October, but they haven’t bothered me for the last several years.  (The allergist said that plants release a something-or-other when the weather gets cold.  But he may have been making it up.)

I actually had quite a nice weekend, with lots of yummy food and one of my crazier acquaintances trying to talk like Thomas Jefferson, but that will have to wait until I feel capable of making it make sense.  Which I don’t.

(I’m not sure why my cold is affecting my ability to think in a straight line, but it certainly is.  Last night I kept making references to “buttersquash nut.”)

On the happy side of things, Beauty snacked on dry Cheerios for the first time last night, which I feel is a major milestone in the life of an American baby.  Her pincer grasp is working fairly consistently now, and she decided she liked them very much.  Except she kept getting tired with her pile and reaching for mine.  Mine were clearly better.

I…had more to say, I think. But my brain is fuzzy.  Time for a nap.

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2 Responses to O’s

  1. Hero says:

    I think she kept reaching for your plate because you had a plate and she had a towel, and pincer grasp works much better on a hard surface. That’s my theory and I’m stickin’ to it.

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