So The Ick has spread and now Hero and Beauty both have it.  Fortunately it’s a short-lived Ick so I’m recovered, which is good because it’s very pesty when we’re all sick.  But Hero is working from home today, and we’re keeping him rested and full of fluids and so on.  And it’s hard to be sure that the baby has it (there’s some congestion, but the main symptoms are tiredness and general body aches, neither of which she can easily communicate) but I’m pretty sure she does.  So I let her cuddle a lot and nurse a lot and all in all we’re spending an awful lot of time watching TV.

(Actually, we don’t have a television so it’s mostly Netflix.  Same difference.)

(When my sisters and I were young enough to be snotty, we were quite fond of saying “Of course it’s the ‘same difference’ since they’re both not each other!!”  In our minds this passed for wit.  Sigh.)

But!  There have been exciting developments!!  The first is that Beauty has figured out how to crawl!  Only when she’s in a good mood and has plenty of energy, of course, but it’s very exciting to see those little limbs actually working together to get her somewhere.  Hero has been encouraging it as much as possible by getting her interested in an item (preferably a toy, but usually his magazine) and moving it slowly to be out of reach.  When she’s in a good mood she thinks it’s fun.  When she’s in a bad mood, not so much.

Of course, this also means it is time for babyproofing to start properly.  I’ve put fasteners on the lower cabinets in the kitchen, though I’m a bit concerned that the fasteners that fit are ones she’ll figure out how to open before we’re ready for her to be able to open them.  But we shall live and be well, as my father-in-law says.

The other development is a TOOTH!!  (For some reason I’m rather more excited about the tooth than about the crawling.  Possibly because she was pretty mobile even without crawling?  I dunno.  It doesn’t have to make sense.)  One of her teeth is starting to peek through (the lower left central incisor, for those who care) and we haven’t even had any teething, which is really nice.  Soon she will be able to demolish foodstuffs with even more effectiveness than before.

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