Tooth Fae

The advent of Beauty’s first tooth led to looking at the variety of Tooth Fairy items online – dolls (with a pocket for the tooth of course), books, keepsake boxes, little pouches, small cushions to be hung from the headboard, etc.  It’s really quite remarkable.  I certainly never had any tooth fairy props, though I think one of my sisters may have had a pouch.  We did, however, send faxes to the tooth fairy.

Now, the tooth fairy didn’t get a fax for every tooth.  If the tooth fairy came on the first night the tooth was left under the pillow, she or he left fifty cents.  If it took two or three nights, it increased to a dollar.  After the third night we took to sending faxes as a reminder, since the tooth fairy was clearly overbooked, and the money went up by fifty cents or a dollar with each one.  The record was my youngest sister, who got over five dollars when the tooth fairy was over a week late and had received two faxes and a personalized email.

My parents may not have remembered every little detail, but they were creative!

Hero claims that the system is backwards.  As we see, negative incentives like late fees are ineffective.  He thinks that when Beauty loses her teeth we’ll need to implement positives incentives: on the first night, the tooth is left under the pillow and a donut is left near the bed.  On the second night it’s a single cookie, and on the third night a graham cracker.  Beauty and Mommy split the forfeited treats, of course.

Sounds reasonable to me :)

What did you get under your pillow?

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