Willan on-Haven Been Lost

Beauty and I finally got to Skype with my grandparents today, since my uncle made it over to their house to setup their webcam.  We’ve used Skype to let them see her before now, but it was really nice to see them too.

It was also really nice because when the computer isn’t working the way he thinks it should, Grandpa likes to grumble about it and/or lecture me about computers, and I tend to have trouble keeping my mouth shut.  (Most recently, the programs are not acting differently on your new computer because it’s got “one of those Intel processors,” they are acting funny because your new computer has newer versions of the programs and possibly a newer operating system.)  It’s even worse when he discussed why he prefers Macs to PCs, because he’s decades behind the time.  There are perfectly good reasons on both sides, but the reasons he’s giving are things Hero and I have never even heard of, which were presumably fixed in most operating systems before we were born.

But like many grandparents, he can be quite stubborn when he thinks he’s right, so generally I try to change the subject.  Though I have not given up the hope that someday I will get him to turn off the Caps Lock.

Shifts in technology use between my dad and me are more subtle, but still there.  My dad is pretty tech-savvy; he’s even an early adopter in some areas.  He set up my family’s computer network himself, and it works well, though there’s a few quirks that make Hero shake his head.  But recently he called me and asked me to get into his gmail account (see?  He’s even on Gmail!) and find my brother’s student number, and proceeded to tell me to check in the school label and look for an email from so-and-so and….and I typed “student number” into the search box and had it before he stopped talking.  My dad’s generation sorts.  My generation searches.  They use folders, we use tags.  Not always, of course, but in general.

It makes me wonder what I’ll be behind on when my kids are in college.  Possibly I’ll insist on using my hopelessly-outdated gmail account, or still keep pictures on my hard drive, or even talk to people on Facebook.  (The last is quite unlikely; Facebook annoys me and I already avoid it as much as possible.)

On the other hand, my youngest sister is just discovering Hampsterdance and The Llama Song, so in some areas I won’t be too outdated.  What goes around comes around and all that.

Vrei sa pleci dar nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma iei, nu ma, nu ma, nu ma iei…..

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