Last night we gave Beauty a bath, which is remarkable only because we haven’t for months.  When she was a very little baby she hated baths with a terrible hate, so after a couple of tried we gave up and Hero started washing her in the shower, with the help of an athletic mesh ringsling.  But last night we had an obnoxiously cheerful baby on our hands and I suggested a bath, figuring that now that she can sit up she might enjoy the warm water.

And she did!  She was a little uncertain at first, but discovered that I wasn’t going anywhere and that there were many interesting things to be explored.  So we discovered splashing (which she found very surprising) and washcloths and toes and any number of different ways of pouring water our of the cup.  (I did the pouring, of course, but she was fascinated by the stream of water and the sounds and the bubbles and the feel of it hitting her skin.)

We did manage to wash her as well, though she was less a fan of that.  She doesn’t believe in lying down when she can sit up, so rinsing her hair was a little tricky, but we managed.  Maybe one of those foam visor things would bother her less?  Unlikely.

Towards the end she spent a long time determined to lift the cup out of the water all by herself, apparently with the goal of drinking from it, since she repeatedly tried to bite the rim.

It’s so nice to have her growing and discovering new things.  I can understand why someone told me recently that 9 months old is her favorite time.

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