My Reading Rainbow 1

Thought I’d post what I’ve been reading lately.  This way you know what terribly important research has been keeping me from posting.

Filth Wizardry, Made by Joel, and Science Toy Maker, plus the occasional post at Dollar Store Crafts.  Basically, Beauty needs to grow up so I can do these projects with her.  All of them.  At once.  And I need to start stockpiling recyclables now for future homemade robots and costumes and toys.  And I simply must run out and buy a Cricut cutter, and a scroll saw, and a sewing machine, and a 2-inch circular scrapbooking paper punch.

Who am I kidding?  The recyclables would stay hoarded forever, the Cricut would get some use but not enough to justify the cost and space, and I’d probably never use the sewing machine.  The scroll saw probably would get used, though – I’ve found I really do enjoy that sort of thing.  So maybe.

In any case, I’m really looking forward to when she’s old enough to try some of those projects.  Hero and I got curious last night about one of the projects in Science Toy Maker – the one referred to as a “Snake Charmer’s Duck Call” – and gave it a try.  We successfully made a couple of reed instruments out of drinking straws, which thoroughly freaked Beauty out when we tried them.  Humph.  Some other time, then.

Mamapop.  I tried Mamapop a couple years ago, when I first found Alphamom (which I still read, even though the new site design drives me nuts) and didn’t like it.  The recaps were of shows I don’t watch, and I had little interest in celebrity gossip and pop culture.  Now I still don’t watch the shows, but the recaps are fairly entertaining on their own.  And when it’s three in the morning and Beauty pops her head up for the third time in a row, snarky commentary on Lindsay Lohan’s latest evidence of idiocy seems like a downright sensible choice of reading material.

And finally, I’m working my way through the archives of Not Always Right.  It hadn’t come my way before, and now I’m enjoying it.

And there you have it; all the ways in which I am currently improving my brain.  Or not.  What have you been reading?

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