Side Effects

As you know, I used to work for Sensuous Wife, selling sex toys for believing couples, and everyone else, for that matter.  And I’ve noticed recently that certain notions still carry over.

For instance, I find myself being very suspicious of plastic baby toys.  Plastic sex toys have all sorts of issues – plastic is porous, so it can’t be sterilized, and a lot of sex toys are made with softer plastics that aren’t chemically stable and have phthalates and other possibly problematic chemicals leeching out.  On top of that, the lack of regulation means that heavy metals and other toxins are often used in the pigments.  (One oft-cited study found that one of the toys in their sample of sixteen had so much cadmium it should have been labeled radioactive at customs!)  In general, cheap plastic = bad.

So with the holidays and Beauty’s birthday coming up, we added a few gift suggestions to Beauty’s old Amazon baby registry.  And a lot of the toys I added were wood.  My mother-in-law asked me why I had so many wood toys, and while I have good reasons for preferring wood to plastic, a lot of it is the instinctive preference left over from sex toys.

It’s not as if the same reasons carry over – baby toys don’t have to be sterilized, they are usually hard plastics without problematic softeners, and the legislation to prevent companies from putting lead and cadmium in them is pretty good.  But plastic = bad, so clearly I should avoid it anyway.

As it happens, I do like wooden toys better, and in the end there’s several plastic toys on the list as well.  (And of course the registry is only there because my mother-in-law asked for ideas; I have every expectation that everyone else will ignore its existence, so it hardly matters what’s on there.)  But I’m amused at myself.

(Also, I’m seriously excited that Lelo finally has a waterproof line!  There are far too few truly waterproof toys out there – most that claim to be waterproof are only splashproof, meaning they can be washed or taken into the shower, but shouldn’t be used in the bath/jacuzzi/etc.  Must go revise my sex toy dreamlist!)

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