Nine Month Check-In

Beauty had her nine-month Well Baby Visit yesterday.  (My family called them “Well Baby Visits” until we were past 18 and ready for another doctor.  Actually, we still call them that privately, but receptionists look at you funny if you use it to them.  Can’t think why.)  She’s wonderfully healthy, and still in the top percentiles for length and in the middle for weight.

I took my mother-in-law along, which went fine.  I was a bit worried she’d bring up all sorts of things that the doctor might object to (I didn’t ask her about most of my solid-feeding decisions, and while she’s used to my family I don’t know that I want to deal with it) but she didn’t and even if she had it wouldn’t have been a big deal.  I finally remembered to mention the nut reaction thing (Beauty got fussy and sickish whenever I ate tree nuts while she was exclusively breastfed) and I think she was quite skeptical but I’m glad I brought it up.  I don’t mind that she was skeptical; food allergies seem to be badly overdiagnosed these days and I’m glad to have a doctor I can trust not to do that.

She did, however, suggest that we move Beauty’s crib into her nursery.  (Up until now, her crib is pushed against my side of the bed, in a sidecar arrangement.)  I’ve been wondering if she would sleep better without me (she naps better that way, certainly) but I wasn’t sure what to do about night feedings.  But the doctor says she’s old enough to drop some of those, and I have noticed they seem to be more comfort and less nutritional these days.  So we’ll move her out – probably on Thursday, so I can sleep in on Friday and have the weekend flexibility if I need it.  Honestly, I don’t think we will.  (Famous last words, those.  We shall see.)

She is happy and healthy and growing and life is good.

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