Progressively Broader

This past Saturday was one of those services when nobody comes, since everyone was out of town for the holiday.  As readers of Stuff Christians Like have repeatedly discussed, that means there was room for a little flexibility.

So the song leader was a lovely woman who leads worship occasionally because she’s a good singer but not that great of a worship leader.  During the week she does some form of Mommy and Me music class, among other things, and she decided to bring some of her music class props to use during worship.

So, there we are ending one dance (we do circle dances during the music, based on Israeli folk dances) and she announces that the next song is for the little children – she wants to see all the kids ten and under come up and dance.  And everyone looks at each other and back at her and says “Huh?”

She brought out her parachute.

Oh, you remember, that big huge circle of colored cloth with handles at the edges?  And you all grabbed a handle and waved it up and down?  And ran under it while it was in the air?  Yeah.  That.

Oh. my. goodness.

Turns out there were only two or three kids under ten (see above re: no one there that day) so she had some of the adults hold the parachute and trotted in a circle underneath with the kids.  It was cute, but awkward.  After a bit I saw my mom trying to get my youngest sister to go up and join them (they really needed more people) but no adolescent could take that big a social risk.  So I went up, grabbing her to come with me (as a big sister I count as cool) and she grabbed a couple of her friends and we joined the parade under the parachute.  And it was silly and fairly fun and I’m glad the little kids got a chance to participate for once.

And then later she brought out scarves for another dance.  Less socially problematic, and people seemed to enjoy it.  Didn’t stop me from rolling my eyes when she brought them out though.

And I feel a bit odd about all this – after all, I’m all in favor of variety in worship, and getting kids involved, and I love the flags and banners some people dance with.  So I’m not really sure why this felt as cheesy as it did.  Maybe because of the personality of the woman who presented it?  Maybe because it wasn’t my idea and didn’t fit my conception of How Things Work?  Maybe because it was so entirely out of the blue?

Oh well, a little mind-broadening never hurt anyone :)

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6 Responses to Progressively Broader

  1. Alise says:

    That so sounds exactly like a SCL example of what happens on holiday weekends! LOL!

    I admit, scarves wouldn’t really make me bat an eye, but a parachute? Yeah, I’d probably be a little freaked out by that!

    • It really was!! And you’re right – I only reacted to the scarves because the parachute came first. Scarves alone would have been fine, but the parachute felt pretty contrived.

  2. Shula says:

    At least they didn’t sing “the wheels on Pharoah’s chariots go round and round alllll around the town.”

    It could happen.


  3. Tati says:

    …..ladod moshe haitachava. Ee ah ee ah oh.

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