Fish Oil and The Ick

We’re sick today.  Beauty started getting sick Monday, and Hero and I got it yesterday – actually, I think I had it the day before.  The main symptom is fatigue, so it’s hard to tell what’s sickness and what’s recovering from the holidays and dealing with the baby and have I mentioned there’s a Bat Mitzvah in 9 days?  But we’re sick.  And I was kinda worried because the baby threw up a couple of times, but the sick also involves that gross thick mucous at the back of your throat that feels all gaggy and okay you really don’t want to hear this.

On the plus side, I’m not depressed anymore!  Early this month I was taking a round of antibiotics for a skin thing and I looked at the line of pills on the counter one evening and decided it was just too many pills and I stopped taking the fish oil supplements.

I need a picture of someone raising an eyebrow at me for when I do stupid stuff like that.  Maybe Doctor Who.  He could contribute a nice snarky quote and maybe my brain would work.

(I started taking fish oil supplements that last time I got depressed, which was a couple of years ago.  We attack depression pretty aggressively in my family, so I was in therapy and working towards anti-depressants when Shula suggested I try fish oil.  There’s not much research on it, but the few preliminary studies that have been done showed promising results, and there’s not much in the way of side effect, so I gave it a go.  And it worked!  Hooray!)

(Come to think of it, I also had some PPD, even with the fish oil.  But I saw Dr Stake a couple of times and cleared my head.  So that one barely counts.)

So within a couple of weeks of not taking fish oil I was fatigued and blaming myself for EVERYTHING and increasingly sensitive to certain kinds of touch and feeling like I had only to walk into a room to instantly alienate everyone in it.  (I’m something of a social klutz at the best of times, but it feels like it gets worse when I’m depressed.  Hero says it isn’t actually worse, though.  So at least I didn’t actually offend anyone.)  Depressed.  Sigh.

But I re-started fish oil and I’m fine again now.  At least, fine emotionally.

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