I guess I’m more or less required to blog about the new year, right?  I can’t say I have many thoughts.  I’m sitting in the nursery rocking chair, snuffling from time to time, trying to not do anything, including preventing Beauty from pulling all her clothes out of her dresser.  Which she has mostly accomplished, at least for the bottom shelf.  Hero is in bed, because he is still a poor baby.

(Fortunately the sickness has been slightly staggered, so one of us has been at least half-human for most of it.  My immune system is stronger than Hero’s, probably due to having multiple younger siblings and so on.  So I tend to get better faster.  Which is not to say I’m all the way better, but I’m certainly getting there.)

Needless to say, we did not stay up until midnight.  I got close, since I’m habitually a night-owl, but Beauty and Hero went to sleep at their normal times.  I stayed up a bit longer with a Nero Wolfe story and a shot of Godiva liqueur.

I was going to talk about the New Year, wasn’t I?  I got distracted.  It’s harder to think straight with a cold, which also means that my goals for the year are similarly fuzzy.  Go places.  Do stuff.  Get well enough to enjoy dinner again.

The other problem, of course, is the nature of raising a small child – there aren’t really projects to finish or goals to meet.  Milestones pass, but I don’t have a lot to do with how or when.  No wonder so many young mothers feel like they’re going crazy.

So right now my plan is to keep doing what I’m doing.  She’s likely to learn to walk and talk in the next year, and we’ll draw together and fingerpaint together and sing together and learn about magnets and bugs and probably mold.

I’d like to make sure Hero and I get more dates.  (A date, by this reckoning, means going somewhere and doing something together and without the baby.  It generally includes a nice dinner that I did not have to cook.)  I can count the dates we’ve had in the last year on one hand, and while I don’t think we’re hurting now, that’s a bad pattern to be in.

And I’d like to get back to doing creative stuff more often.  I want to finally sit down and learn to use Inkscape, and if I’m going to be drawing with the baby anyway I may as well pick up a pad of paper and get some sketching practice.

And I want to get over this cold and be well enough to put her clothes back without getting dizzy.  Sigh.

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