The Very Best Crazy

I think once in a while I’ll post quotes or links to some of the more …special, shall we say? opinions on this wonderful internet.  I enjoy reading and laughing at them; perhaps you will too.

The following is from a commenter on the Freakonomics blog.  The post he (or she) is responding to was asking for examples of ideas that are or have been considered repugnant that are nonetheless good ideas, such as farming insects for food or adoption.  Our crazy commenter offered these suggestions:

Repugnant [but still good] ideas on taxes from each side of the political spectrum.

1st: Make income taxes regressive, so you pay 25% (made up number) on you first $50k, then 20% on the next $50k, or whatever, so it is a downward sliding scale. People are incentivized to earn more because their marginal tax rate drops as they do so.

2nd: Tax people on their historical peak earnings. Increasing taxes disincentivizes people to earn more, only if by earning less do they decrease their marginal tax rate. Base people’s taxes on their historical peak earnings so they have no incentive to earn less.

(Comment #6 on this post.)

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