Music Match

Sometimes I like my brain :)  One of those times is when I find connections between two totally different songs.

I’m not musical at all, you see.  I like to sing, but I’m not much of a singer, so I just sing with my family and it’s fun.  But I am very good at remembering song lyrics.  While I can hear the difference between good music and bad, what I generally listen to is music that’s fun to sing along to, even if it’s completely mediocre.

Anyway, every so often I’d get two songs jammed together or mixed up, and I never gave it much thought.  Then a year or two ago, I mentioned an unusually amusing pairing to Hero, and after I’d played the songs for him he told me that my brain isn’t nuts after all – the melodies of the intro to one song and the verse of the other were identical.  (I had figured they were vaguely similar, but had no idea it was actually a match.)

Ever since then, when my brain connects two songs I play them for Hero, and more often than not there turns out to be a really close link between the two.  We’re always surprised by it, so it’s great fun.

For example, take Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time” and Montgomery Gentry’s “Roll With Me”:

Take a listen.  They’re pretty different songs.  I won’t say it’d be hard to find two songs more different, because it wouldn’t, but they’re pretty far apart.

Now go back, cue up the Montgomery Gentry song to 0:46 and the Poison song to 1:02.  Now listen.

That phrase – “nothing, da da daa-da” – is the connection.  The cadence is the same (Hero says the Montgomery Gentry song is actually half the tempo, but the words move twice as fast, so it works out) and the tune is the same.

I noticed this one as we were listening to the country station in the car.  (See, I told you I have terrible taste in music :)  Actually some country is quite good.  I just like it because it’s usually cheerful and usually singable.)  “Roll With Me” was playing, and I started to get the words confused, which is often a sign that my brain is pulling in another song.

Then I started to picture Brad Pitt in a dunebuggy, which seemed unusual to say the least.  That gave me the clue to the other song – it’s in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, blasting out of the dunebuggy that Brad Pitt’s character uses to get to the patch of desert he intends to use to ambush a government convoy.  When we got home I found the song and played them both for Hero, and there was the link.

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