First Birthday

Beauty is one year old today.  Hero is out of town today, so we celebrated last night, with all the family on both sides.  I had hoped to keep it simple and non-threatening, and we did okay, but there’s a limit to how much you can rein in multiple excited grandparents.  Still, everyone had a good time, including the baby, who enjoyed her cake (chocolate with cream cheese frosting) and her gifts.

I suppose I ought to have some sort of Thoughts on this momentous occasion.  As usual, I don’t.  I never seem to have Thoughts about things until well after they happen.  But she’s happy and I’m happy, and life is good.

I suppose mostly I’m thankful.  I’m thankful that she can communicate with me now, and crawl and shred things and eat everything within reach and use my legs to pull herself up and smile at me.  I’m thankful that she can play games now, including running away and exploring things while we’re trying to change her diaper.

what do you mean, not finished?

I’m thankful that we have awesome new music to dance around the living room to.  For that matter, I’m thankful that we have awesome old music to dance around to.  I’m thankful that we can snack together and walk together and play with each other’s faces as we wake up in the morning.  I’m thankful for new skills to coo over, like pointing and stacking and putting things in as well as taking them out.

And I’m very thankful that she’s cute enough to get away with the things I’m not so thankful for :)

Happy Birthday Beauty!

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One Response to First Birthday

  1. Baby Pickel says:

    Just stopping by…
    If you would ever be open to us sharing a story with your blog let me know…
    We have a special calling to spread the word of giving and loving.

    Much love,

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