Baby Non-Play

Everybody needs different things at different times.  These needs may change unexpectedly.  Plan accordingly.

Also known as: Every baby is different.

Also known as: Argh.

My mother was (is, for that matter) a fabulously creative mother.  Most of my best memories of growing up are various artworks and projects and activities that we all did together – drawing and painting and making footprints all over a roll of paper (and the driveway) and building castles our of spaghetti (that didn’t work so well, but I remember it fondly) and printing on blank cards with vegetables and on and on and she didn’t even have the internet.

(Well, okay, she had the internet available for much of my childhood.  But she doesn’t use it much.)

So with my baby, I also want to be Creative.  And really I’d want that even without my mom’s example; I’m a creative person and Hero has commented on more than one occasion that I’m much happier and easier to get on with when I’m doing something creative during the day.  Unfortunately, my baby seems to have other ideas.

I made bread dough so we could squish it together.  And she ate it.

I made a simple finger paint recipe that I found online, and I did it wrong so it came out more like colorful tapioca pudding, but it was still paint and I taped down some paper and showed her how to squish with the paint.  And she ate it.

And then I made a simple bathtime paint and that was a total disaster because she ate it and it tasted bad and she didn’t know what to do so I ended up running and getting a yogurt and we ended up feeding her an entire yogurt in the bath, which is clearly an example of stellar eating habits.

(I know a certain amount of tasting is normal, but she’s not exploring these things in any other way.  She just sits and methodically eats them until I take them away because I don’t want her to get a stomachache.)

All of this, of course, was extremely frustrating and I may or may not have ended up crying over all my failed experiments as I was feeding her said yogurt.  This did not help the baby calm down.  (I was pretty tired to begin with, and possibly hormonal.  So that didn’t help.)

Crayons have been rather more successful, which is nice.  She mostly thinks they make very poor drumsticks, but she’s starting to notice that her drumming makes marks and that Mommy makes marks and you can see things starting to click.

And she’s clearly a very intelligent child, who loves to explore and listen and sing and talk and make music.  She’s even started playing a note on the piano or glockenspiel and then singing the same note, which is pretty nifty.  But since I’m not really musical, it does sometimes make me sad that I can’t interact with her very well on that level.

Anyway, today I have another Activity to try, and this one’s actually quite likely to work.  I read about Heuristic Play on the internets, and now I have a collection of Round Items (the collection of items doesn’t have to be themed, but I found it helpful to have a theme while making my selection) set up for her to investigate.  We’ll give it a shot when she finishes lunch.  Maybe I’ll come back and add pictures.

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