The Very Best Crazy, part 2

(I like to blog about the best of the insanity that I come across on the internet.  ‘Tis fun.)

I just came across the Sugaku font series by Luc Devroye, who I gather is associated with in some way.  He lovingly creates dingbat fonts of all sorts, which he offers for free in a variety of format.  His work is lovely, and some of the fonts offered may be incredibly useful.  He is also , quite clearly, insane.

I mean, it takes a very special kind of brain to produce a collection of 508 hexagons, all different, and make them available as a font.  Naturally the 508 hexagons were feeling a bit lonely, so he made 508 circles and 508 octagons and 508 heptagons and so on.  All of them neatly sorted and available for the use of whoever has highly specialized octagon needs.  Stars, globes, rosettes, flowers, arrows: this is clearly your destination for obsessively-iterated geometric designs.

There are some things here that I love, and others that I think will be terribly useful someday.  (The Labyrinth set in particular has many possibilities for games and creative play.)  But I persist in thinking that this guy is probably more than a little nuts.

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