I Shall Not Be Afraid

I think I’ve mentioned CBS (Community Bible Study) before.  It’s a pretty fabulous organization.  My mom is the Children’s Director of the local group, and during the lecture portion I often go down to hang out with her and lend a hand in the cleanup efforts.  (I’m a thoroughly non-auditory learner, so I tend to get very little out of the lecture, even though they’re quite good.)

I’m usually down there for the music time, so I’m slowly learning the songs.  One that appeals to me is Hebrews 13:6 (a chunk of it, anyway) set to the tune of “Did You Ever See A Lassie?”  As I was singing it one night to Beauty, I decided to add other verses.  These days I sing:

The Lord is my helper, I shall not be afraid
The Lord is my glory, I shall not be ashamed
The Lord is my father, I shall not be alone
The Lord is my comfort, I shall not be alarmed

It makes me happy to sing about, and I think it makes her happy too.  Certainly she goes to sleep.  I hope it comes to mind when she needs it.

On another note, last night the radio played “You Spin Me Right Round” followed by “Only In America” by Brooks & Dunn.  (Actually, I think it was two different stations, after the first went to commercial break.  Whatever.)  We were pleased to note that the two share very similar tempos and chord structures, and happily sang the words of “You Spin Me Right Round” through most of “Only in America.”  It was very fun.

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