Not A Luxury

“You’ve got to stop thinking of art supplies as a luxury!”

My counselor (I almost wrote “wonderful counselor” but that’s someone else!  But she is pretty awesome.) said that to me on Friday.  And it’s true.  I’ve started making a point of doing something artsy every day, or nearly every day, and it’s helping so much.

It started because I was came across A Little Hut, the personal blog of  graphic designer and artist Patricia Zapata.  One of her projects was featured in Dollar Store Crafts, and I liked it and kept reading.  And something about her writing spoke to me, and I’ve been doing the projects that occur to me, and I’m feeling happier and more relaxed and more energetic because of it.

It’s amazing the difference it makes when I’m creating on a daily basis.  I’ve “realized” this several times before, but I tend to run out of steam after a while – not because I run out of ideas, but because I feel like it’s waste of paper and paint and space and money.  And – it’s not.  This is not a luxury for me.  This is important.  And if I end up with lots of art projects and no where to put them I’ll start throwing them out, or list some on etsy and see if they sell.  (Not etsy, come to think of it.  Their business practices aren’t very good anymore, from what I’ve read.  But there’s other sites with similar purposes, so one of those.)

And, for that matter, I’m not going to limit myself to art supplies that are on clearance or picked up at the dollar store.  I’m making a list of basic necessities, and I’ll fill it over time.

Today my creation for the day wasn’t all that creative – I mostly wanted to test an old watercolor set I discovered in my art supplies.  (Part of this new mindset also means throwing out all the junk I only picked up because it was on clearance.)  But it got me playing with color and that is a good thing.

(The design is a free printable mandala from somewhere online – we print out a bunch of them for the prayer room at Messiah conference each year, so I had it on hand.  EDIT: Ha!  Found the link: here.)

So what about you?  What’s not a luxury for you?

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