True Emergencies

So there I was, most of the the way to Home Depot with the baby taking a nap in the car.  I’d decided to go to Home Depot to pick up some unsanded grout (for making chalkboard paint) primarily because Beauty was fussy and we needed something to do.  She’d waked up early and refused to go back to sleep, but I hadn’t expected her to fall asleep in the car.

But she did.  And I knew she was going to sleep for 40 minutes (40 minutes is the length of a baby’s sleep cycle, give or take, and she almost never sleeps for more than one cycle in the car) and I certainly wasn’t going to leave her in the car and I didn’t want to wake her up…so I needed to let her sleep.  And I didn’t have a book.  And I don’t own a smartphone.  So I was stuck.

It occurred to me that there was a Barnes & Noble close to Home Depot, and I could probably leave the car long enough to run in and buy something.  I even had a gift card with a couple bucks on it in my wallet.  (We usually go to Borders, but my uncles give us B&N gift cards ever year for the holidays.)  It then occurred to me that next to B&N was a thrift store I like, which would be faster and cheaper.  SO I headed that way.

I approach that shopping center from behind, and as I went in I saw the dumpster unit behind the thrift store.  I’ve seen a number of people online mention getting awesome things from dumpsters behind stores, and I’d been wanting to take a look (because what’s the worst that could happen?) but with a baby it’s not really practical.  But since she was asleep she wouldn’t mind if I took a peek, so I pulled over.

And, lo and behold, someone had thrown away a bunch of books that day, with a perfectly good Agatha Christie on top!!  Could you get any more perfect?  So I finagled the book out and went back to wait for the baby to wake up.

And that it how dumpster-diving saved the day.  Or something.  I also got a cute little vase that I’m going to use to try rooting mint in.  Why not?

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2 Responses to True Emergencies

  1. I love free stuff! Free Agatha Christie is even better! That picture of your daughter is priceless. I am always amazed at how babies can sleep so soundly while looking so very uncomfortable from my adult perspective. :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your nice and insightful comment…I wasn’t sure if what I made was really “subway art” or not, but you’re right that these days it seems to label anything that is a big piece of wood with typography on it. :)

    • It’s really quite amazing how boneless they seem sometimes – I guess they’re just really really good at relaxing!

      Thanks for stopping by! You’ve got some lovely pieces over there – I’d say that one counts as subway art if you want it to, but it’s great word art either way.

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