(warning: sex-related stuff ahead.  don’t blame me if you read it anyway :)

I’ve had minor problems with my hips since at least high school.  Nothing terribly major: half-squat positions (including lunges) tended to get uncomfortable if I was in them for more than a second or two, and sometimes I’d get really uncomfortable during long car rides.  And sometimes I’d have pain in my hip or knee while walking.  Which admittedly sounds like stuff that happens to everyone.  I told you it was minor.  Happened to me faster than average, is all.  A minor irritant that I didn’t mind living with.

Anyway, it got healed back in November.  Our congregation invited a speaker named Matt Senn, who has a healing ministry and seems to be a pretty solid guy.  And people were getting prayer for migraines and cancer and so on, and my hip decided to start hurting.  So I went up and he prayed for me and the pain stopped.  (Actually, he annoyed me quite a bit there.  He asked me how the pain was after praying, and when I took a couple steps to check, he commented that Americans always feel the need to look for the pain.  Of course I need to check for the pain.  Do you want an answer or not?  Sigh.  A pretty solid guy overall, but I think he could use some training or mentoring or something.)  Anyway, it worked; my hips have behaved themselves beautifully since.

And it’s really quite fabulous.  I can take Beauty for a walk without worrying that my hips will start hurting fifteen minutes from home.  I can play with her better, I can clean better, I can do all sorts of fun stuff.  I can especially do sex.

It hadn’t really occurred to me before, but the hip pain was really putting quite a cramp in our style, so to speak.  Actually, it interfered far more with sex than with anything else I can think of.  I pretty much couldn’t do anything that involved my hips being bent up, and that includes quite a few very fun positions.  And I am so grateful to be able to enjoy myself in so many new ways.  Sex is awesome, you know?  God is so good.

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