Happy Things

I’m sitting at our table, watching Hero teach himself to toss pizza crust.  Actually, I’m not watching, at his request. :)  Apparently it’s an excellent shoulder workout.  He likes to come up with cookery skills to master and work on them over time – he makes excellent steaks and omelets, so now he is working on pizza.  In time he might make the dough by hand, but right now we’re using the bread machine.

Today we went to Ikea and spent lots of money.  Okay, not that much.  Enough to get a table and chairs for Beauty and I to do crafts on, with a roll of easel paper and a roll-holder because we’re not using an easel.  She likes to have me do crafts too, so an easel didn’t seem like the right fit.  We also got lighting for under the kitchen cabinets and a few other odds and ends.  We did not get her the rocking moose, though I’ll admit I’m kinda secretly hoping one of her grandparents gives it to us at some point.  It’s awfully cute.

And I have some amazing lemon ice cream that is incredibly rich and yummy.  It’s especially amazing because it doesn’t require an ice cream machine or any stirring – it just has enough sugar to lower the freezing point to prevent ice crystals from forming.  You can find the recipe here.  Unfortunately I’d have to pay $20 to get most of her other ice cream recipes, and at the moment I don’t want to.  I might someday.  In the meantime I’ve determined that adding a little alcohol may reproduce the effect, so I think some experimentation is in order.

And now Hero is packing up his pizza dough, to be played with more tomorrow.  Good night, dear friends.

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