Ice Cream Experiment

As I mentioned last night, the other day I made magical no-stir ice cream from this recipe.  The magic trick is adding enough sugar to depress the freezing point of the mixture so that ice crystals can’t form, and the result is a lovely silky-soft ice cream….with more sugar than you can shake a stick at.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s delicious.  Using lemon juice as the flavouring agent is a good plan, since the acidity would need that much sugar anyway, or nearly that much.  But that also means that other flavors are much harder to make.  A mulberry ice cream (I have a couple of bags of frozen mulberries from when the neighbor’s tree had fruit) or even a vanilla would just be tooth-achingly sweet.

The post accompanying the recipe mentions that alcohol can also depress the freezing point.  (So can salt, but as I don’t live in Finland that’s not useful information.)  After reading up on alcohol in ice cream a bit, I put in my new experiment last night:

  • 3/4 cup heavy cream (why that much?  because that’s what I had left over from the lemon ice cream)
  • 75 grams powdered sugar (which would be a little over half a cup according to Wolfram Alpha, but I refuse to believe that you can measure powdered sugar accurately by volume.  Also, using my scale means there’s fewer dishes to wash.  That said, I can’t imagine a little more or less would hurt anything.)
  • and a heaping teaspoon of bourbon.  or rum, tequila, vodka, etc.  You’d want to use two teaspoons of most liqueurs, something I intend to try quite soon.  Once we’ve eaten up this ice cream.

Mix them all together, then whip until you’ve got whipped cream.  I use my “boat motor” for this.  (Stick or immersion blender – my family always called it a boat motor due to the noise it made and our complete inability to remember what things are called.)  Put it in a container and stick it in the freezer for at least six hours.  Overnight is fine, since this doesn’t need stirring.

It’s wonderful.  Silky and creamy and I do wish there was a bit more bourbon flavor so I might have to experiment further but it’s just lovely.  So happy.  (Adding more bourbon could prevent it from freezing entirely as the alcohol content rises.  One solution would be to cook the bourbon first, but I don’t know how that would affect the taste.  More research required.)  Or I could just use this as the base for other flavors – it would add a wonderful depth without getting in the way.

Edited to add: My sister and I just had a dish of this.  I take it back about wanting more bourbon flavor – it’s not terribly strong for just one taste, but after eating a few spoonfuls I’ve decided it’s just right as is.  I still might want it stronger if I was using it to accompany something else, but that’s for future consideration.

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One Response to Ice Cream Experiment

  1. Angie Q says:

    Awesome. I am going to give this a try at the earliest opportunity.

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