I'm so glad I have watercolors to doodle with

Yesterday was the women’s Bible study, and we watched part of a sermon by Joseph Prince where he was talking about Yeshua calming the storm, and he mentioned that it was safe for Yeshua to go to sleep, because He knew He was in the boat so nothing bad could happen.

And today I read the end of Hebrews 6, which talks about God’s promises to us.  And God promised life and grace and shelter, and He swore on Himself when He promised those things, which means that those promises depend on two unchangeable things: His promise and Himself.  And so we have hope.  And this hope is a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul.

An anchor of the soul.  That’s been sticking with me.

An anchor connects things to the bedrock.  It lets you sleep without drifting.  It lets you leave without worrying.  It lets you climb without fear of falling.  It lets you trust.

Sounds good to me.

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