Beauty was wonderful today.  She was cheerful and charming and slept well and it was marvelous.  Except for the couple of times she melted down, but we’ll ignore that.  Or something.

She’s one of those children who doesn’t notice she’s hungry, and tends to resist offers of food if there’s anything more interesting happening, which there always is.  She’ll eat some of what I’m eating, but I can’t eat every three hours just to make sure she does.  So then she reaches a point where she is STARVING and NOTHING will EVER help and the world is ENDING and why are you offering me food?  Food will not help.  The simplest solution to that is to use a movie to get her to stop crying, and start feeding her while she’s distracted, which more or less works, except that now I’m spoonfeeding her (which is a pain) and I’m also showing her a movie (15 minutes is unlikely to hurt anything, but it’s the principle of the thing) and so I try not to use that too often.

But MOSTLY she was so happy today!  She trundled around after us as we tidied and cleaned, and then she got bored of the house so she directed Hero to the car, pointed to her carseat, and said “bye-bye!”  So we took a break to run some errands.  She “helped” me empty the dishwasher and cook some eggs (which we ate together, which is the only way she’ll eat eggs) and sweep the floor.

And she was just charming when my in-laws were here – she read books and identified body parts and played peekaboo and ate two whole hot dogs (she was offered buns, hamburger, various veggies, etc but just ate hot dog) and said please and thank you and you’re welcome and was generally extremely cute.  She’s also started saying “help you” to request my help in sitting up or getting down, which is pretty nifty.

(And, incidentally, the dinner and all went very well – everyone was happy and the food was good and they loved the dessert I made.  Even my mother-in-law had some.)

And then just before bedtime a minor incident made her cry and cry until she threw up.  All over me.  I had to wash my bathrobe and two towels at the end, but at least I managed to keep it off the bed.  She was so worked up – even after her stomach was empty it was still convulsing, and she was just miserable.  Singing songs and cuddling didn’t work and we ended up running a bath to calm her down, and then feeding her yogurt and peanut butter while reading books, and then nursing again and finally getting her to bed.

This parenting thing is tiring sometimes.  Or so I’ve heard.

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1 Response to Seesaw

  1. Kathleen says:

    Oh my gosh, she is getting so big! And she looks just like you. :)

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