The following post discusses various undergarments.  If that’s a problem for you, go read something else.

I have BRAS that FIT!!!!

This is a very exciting thing.

You would think that a married 26-year-old would have bras that fit.  You would actually be wrong.  I’ve always been fairly flat-chested, and to make matters worse my breasts were further out to the side than seems to be average – there was more space between them than usual.  And they weren’t willing to be pushed around, either.  So most shirts left me looking very very flat, and most bras didn’t fit.  I generally avoided anything with molded cups entirely (since it would just sit hollow and make me feel icky) and I wore a lot of sport and training bras.  There were one or two exceptions that were real bras and fit okay-ish, but really I had a very poor bra selection.

(It didn’t help that it took me until I was 20 or so to discover that I’d been buying tops a size too big for some reason.  It had just never occurred to me to try on an extra small.  Amazing what a difference it makes to wear the right size.)

Then I got pregnant and had Beauty, and my breasts got bigger, as they do, but they seemed to fluctuate quite a bit and anyway most of my nursing bras felt a lot like sports bras.

But.  There was an important change as I breastfed: they got SOFT.  Squishy and floppy and suddenly willing to be pushed around – not a ton, just enough that they’re in front of me, filling out the section of the shirt that’s meant to be filled, and not hiding in a corner.

And so I was at Target today (I wuvs Target) and I passed the undergarment section and Beauty was in a sparkling good mood and seemed likely to be happy to explore a dressing room, and they were even on sale so I figured what’s the worst that could happen?

And it was quite astonishing.  For one thing, I’m now solidly a 34, which is quite nice because I used to have to go back and forth trying to figure out whether 34 or 32 fit better.  And I’m solidly an A-cup, which is nice because I don’t have to hunt for brands that carry AA-cups and especially because I don’t get all excited and then end up crying because some idiotic company went and renamed their A-cup “not quite A” or something like that and the dratted things still didn’t fit despite clearly being marketed for me.

And they just…fit.  No hollow bits, no trying to creep out the sides, no wires pressing against my sternum because it fits wrong.  Astounding.

So I got three bras and I called Hero, very excited.  And he commented that he’d missed the memo that my other ones don’t fit (sigh) but when he saw the new ones he said that he could totally see what I was talking about (grin).

(I suppose that when I finally stop breastfeeding entirely I may go down a bit, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.  Probably by going to a proper bra place where they have experts in this kind of thing.)

On a related note, I have recently been amused and somewhat puzzled to discover that Hero has developed a taste for little floral prints and whatnot in the underwear department.  I recently got a bunch of new panties from aerie, and I mostly picked out what I’m used to wearing – solids and lace in tangas and hipsters and low-rise bikinis.  (I went through a thong phase, but while there’s a few I still wear I’m usually not inclined to bother.)  And when I had Hero look over my selections he was going for the girly choices – pink and gingham and florals and such.  I was very surprised.  He said later that I don’t really have a vampy bone in my body so it seems silly to dress like one.  He’s got a point there, but it’s still fun, so I got some that I liked and some that he liked and really we both like all of them ;)

PS – I am now desperately trying to figure out what on earth I wore before I found the colorful xhileration bras in college.  I have a sneaking suspicion that I just went braless most of the time.  I’ll have to ask Hero if he remembers.

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3 Responses to Squashy

  1. andy1076 says:

    Always good to give everything a try at least once right? from what i hear not everyone really stays with the whole thongs idea :) grats on the bra fitting :)

  2. Yay underwear!!

    I tend to find a bra I like, and wear it for YEARS. YEAAAAARS. Forget if it stops fitting— it’ll start fitting again as soon as I gain or lose some wait. Forget if it starts shredding. Whatever, its character. Forget if it was a $6 target bra and it’s not like I can’t replace it instead of buying another Pumpkin Latte. Forget if my mother offered to buy her mid-twenties daughter bras out of the middle of nowhere and I can replace my expensive bra for free. Forget if it’s a sports bra that used to be amazing but is now the wrong size and is covered in uncomfortable pills.

    Forget that I have bras I have owned SINCE HIGH SCHOOL.

    Nope, I just keep wearing them.

    (I am currently in a target bra I bought in the last couple months. I imagine I’ll be wearing it until my early 30s.)


      I’m not sure about high school, but some of mine certainly date back to my first year of college. Those couple that did kinda fit? Still have ’em, still wear ’em. The black one is fraying and some of the seams are about to go, and the white one is not white any more and way stretched out. And I am confident the colorful lace trainer bras were all 32s when I bought them. I’m throwing them all out tomorrow. I think.

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