I am writing this because it seems like a healthier behavior than sitting here and letting my brain come up with new ways to worry I’m not good enough.  It’s quite good at that, mind you.

The baby has been screaming today.  Feels like all day.  It wasn’t all day, not quite, since she was pretty happy on our walk this morning and for most of our trip to the thrift store.  But she screamed off and on and in between and generally she has been either watching TV or screaming.  It’s teething, and it will pass, but it’s not very fun.  I’ve tried tylenol and a cold teething ring and even rubbing some rum on her gums, which used to work really well, but apparently it just hurts too much.  Hopefully the rum will help her sleep.

(I refuse to apologize for the rum.  It was recommended by both her grandfathers, and they are both physicians.  And it’s only a few drops.)

(I have not had any rum myself.  I won’t deny it’s tempting.)

At the thrift store we picked up two of those silicone ice cube trays, one with hearts and one with stars.  I’ve been wanting a couple of those, since I hear they’re good for molding soaps and crayons and chocolate and lots of other things besides ice.  Not that shaped ice isn’t pretty nifty, but we generally don’t use much ice.

I also picked up a couple very beat up children’s books which I am making over into art journals, I think.

But mostly I am hanging on to my sanity and helping the screaming as best I can.  And playing with my new Android.  That’s exciting.

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2 Responses to Screaming

  1. sue says:

    a new phone? do tell! :)

    if you ever tried the homeopathic teething tablets and found that they worked, i would laugh on the inside, but be grateful on the outside, too. ;)

    • I did try the homeopathic teething tablets a while ago. Not that I thought the “active” ingredients would do any good (the trace amounts of calcium and chamomile have some chance of helping, I suppose, especially since the dilution isn’t as bad as many homeopathic products, but I can’t image that the belladona and coffee would help much – and I love that coffee is apparently a sleeping aid) but because the lactose base is mildly sweet and sweet things have been shown to have a pain-relieving effect for babies. So I tried them when she was six months or so. They didn’t help then. I’m not sure where they are, but I suppose I could try them again if I dig them up.

      As for the phone, we were looking at possibly switching to smartphones and a data plan and bemoaning the ridiculous amount of money charged by Verizon and the other big carriers. So we looked at some of the no-contract carriers, and Virgin Mobile’s monthly fees are low enough that even with paying for the phones, the upgrade saves us money. We don’t have them hooked up yet, so we’ll have to see how reception and speed are, but I’m fairly sure this will work out. Their coverage isn’t quite as good as Verizon’s, but it’s pretty good and we’re in a major metropolitan area anyway.

      Anyway, it’s a Motorola Triumph, with Android 2.2. So far we’re loving it. (I can use it for everything but phone calls with wifi, so I can test most of the features out at this point.) The operating system has been really easy to use, the screen is nice and big for a phone, etc. I was a little worried about typing on such a small keyboard, but it does really well. Hero’s more of a photography geek than I am, but he was pretty impressed, so that’s good. I’m still figuring out what apps to grab first and so on, but I think I’m happy.

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