ICAD the second

I’ve been doing much better this week about doing one index card each day, with maybe a couple extra on the weekend.  It really is very pleasant to know I’ve done something creative each day, even if it was only for a few minutes.

This one began as an attempt to not work in ridiculously bright colors all the time.  I love bright colors.  I just do.  But I figured I should try something else on occasion so I went for gray and olive (it was fun figuring out how to mix olive) and a bit of purple and used it to write about the one drawing class I took in college.  We were sketching a model for several weeks, and I repeatedly bewildered pretty much everyone by suddenly drawing her with green skin, or some other color.


As I said, I like bright color :)  The red gradient circle was cut from the side of a car in an advertisement, which I thought was pretty nifty.  And I have no idea why many of my doodles end up looking vaguely sperm-like.  I think I just like swirly shapes.  I’m *not* pregnant or trying to become so.

And a few more, about which I have less to say:


ICAD, of course

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