I recently came across the music of Marian Call, which I quite like.  Quite a lot of it is nerd-centric, especially Firefly-nerd-centric, and as I’m a nerd it works well.

One of my favorite songs is “Got To Fly” about the need to daydream and the importance of imagination and fiction and things that are not real.  It really resonates with me: I need to daydream, or I get ridiculously cranky and unsociable.  I take Beauty for a walk in the stroller every morning, or most mornings, and I use the time to daydream and make up stories and imaginary conversations and speeches and I come back very refreshed by it all.

(Since I spend so much time daydreaming, usually about psychic powers and dragons and sword fights and parallel universes, I was considerably surprised to learn that Hero’s daydreams are almost entirely realistic.  In high school, he daydreamed about marrying me and buying a house and having children.  (In my daydreams we were superheroes together and spent lots of time exploring jungles and tracking down criminals.) Now he daydreams about work, or ministry opportunities, or music he’d like to perform.  And in my daydreams we’re still superheroes who spend lots of time doing superhero-y things.  It’s funny.  It’s probably also one of the reasons we’re so good for each other.)

I’m not sure why these things are so important to me.  Certainly they do a lot to shape my own image of myself, usually for the better.  I think Marian Call was right when she sings about her dreams – “where consequences really proceed from our acts/where the truth might for once line up with the facts.”  Dream worlds are places that make sense, where the systems we set up come to fruition without hitch.

I’m reading Genesis 1 for Community Bible Study, and God commanded us to “fill the earth and subdue it.” Part of the ability to rule the earth was lost when we fell – the earth fights back now, instead of working with us.  In daydreams we can once again have the rights and authority which are our inheritance.  We can flow with the world instead of fighting it.

I got a ticket off this rock and I’m history :)

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