Every Sunday Hero takes Beauty out for breakfast.  She’s always enjoyed it, but lately her ability to express that enjoyment has been growing by leaps and bounds.

experimenting with a real cup. it goes well until she pours it into her bib.

Hero typically orders pancakes for the baby, and an omelette with breakfast potatoes and sausage for himself.  Beauty happily eats everything but the eggs.  This morning as they were waiting for the food she repeatedly said “Pancakes?” and when the food came she yelled “‘Tatoes!” to express her glee.

She’s also apparently just figured out how to respond to questions properly.  Up until now she’s always responded to yes or no questions, but anything else gets a blank stare unless we prompt her with suggested answers.  When I asked her what she had for breakfast today, she promptly reeled off “pancakes! tatoes! SAUSAGE!” and gave me a big grin.  I asked how many pancakes she ate, and she started counting.  We determined that she had eaten three pancakes and seven sausages that way.  She was even able to tell me she had seen her grandparents after breakfast!

Possibly this new mental development is the reason she’s been living on crackers and milk for a week?  Anything’s possible, I suppose.  Toddlers are funny.

But now she is in bed, happily holding her Taggies blanket (another new thing – it’s rarely gotten attention in the past, but the past couple weeks she’s loved it for naps)  And I should be too.

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