Like a fluttering sparrow or a darting swallow, an undeserved curse does not alight. ~Proverbs 26:2

Someone recently mentioned this verse to Hero and me, as we were dealing with the emotional fallout from a third party who said some rather nasty things.

I like it.  I like the knowledge that the nasty things were undeserved, that they carried no weight and blew away in the wind.  I like the image of us shaking our minds to dislodge them, as you would a fly who landed for a moment on your hand.  Mind you, the fly is foolish enough to circle around and land on your hand again, but if he does that often enough he gets squashed.

It isn’t always easy, but for me at least the knowledge that the words carry no cosmic significance is comforting.  My mom told me once that no act of love is ever entirely lost, so I guess it makes sense that no act of maliciousness is ever entirely kept.  It can be lost forever, and those who committed it have wasted their energy.  So there.

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