Rosh HaShanah was yesterday, or rather the day before if you’re using the Hebrew calendar, since the day ends at sundown.

It’s an odd holiday.  So is Yom Kippur, for that matter.  God called it the Feast of Trumpets, and said to have a holy convocation and blow the shofar (ram’s horn).  Oh, and to rest.  The rabbinical tradition promptly went insane, declaring it the beginning of the year (Rosh HaShanah means “head of the year”) despite the fact that God clearly states that this is the seventh month of the year.  They also said this is a time for repentance and reconciliation, and that the next ten days are the only days all year when God is open to hearing our prayers and writing our names in the Book of Life.

I’m probably oversimplifying and I’m certain they have very good explanations for all this, but still.  Insane.

Anyway, at dinner tonight my sister C pointed out that throughout the Bible, the shofar is almost always used to announce victory.  It had other uses, of course, but that’s the most common one.

And I like that, somehow.  It provides a balance that a Rosh HaShanah of repentance does not.  This is a time to be celebrating God’s victory in our lives.  To proclaim the year of the Lord’s favor and the day of vengeance of our God….

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