Heroic Tolerance

I made this today, but I’ve been thinking of making something along these lines for quite some time.  I think it came out okay.  (Fonts are Fontin and The Real Font.)

The text is a quote from Black Sheep by Georgette Heyer.  I love Georgette Heyer.  I have over a dozen of her books and have read most of them well over a dozen times each.  As she mostly wrote historical romances, it’s no surprise that Black Sheep is the romance of a respectable lady of quality (albeit one with rebellious instincts) and a man who was quite disreputable in the past and has little interest in pleasing most people even now.  The quote is the heroine mentally describing the hero:

He was not a rebel.  Rebels fought against the trammels of convention, and burned to rectify what they saw to be evil in the shibboleths of an elder generation, but [he] was not of their number.  No wish to reform the world inspired him, not the smallest desire to convert others to his own way of thinking.  He accepted, out of a vast and perhaps idle tolerance, the rules laid down by a civilized society, and, when he transgressed these, accepted also, and with unshaken good-humour, society’s revenge on him.  Neither the zeal of the reformer, nor the rancour of one bitterly punished for the sins of his youth, awoke a spark of resentment in his breast.  He did not defy convention: when it did not interfere with whatever line of conduct he meant to pursue he conformed to it; and when it did not he ignored it, affably conceding to his critics their right to censure him, if they felt so inclined, and caring for neither their praise nor their blame.

Hero (my Hero, that is) is usually fairly conventional and willing to please others, but when he sees something that must change and feels God is calling him to change it, he goes ahead in that course without hesitation.  And this quote came to mind recently, when he was walking in the path God had set out for him, “caring for neither their praise nor their blame.”



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